Running until you cry

Today has a weird day for me. I apparently have more built up inside than I thought.

I woke up late, for the second day in a row, and got a slow start to the day. I decided around noon to go for a run because I was pacing back and forth from my kitchen to my bedroom for some unknown reason.

I started with walking a bit to warm up and decided that as far as I walked I would run the same distance home. (Remember Im starting out slow here). As I was walking it started to drizzle..and then a bit harder. SO I just started running…


Whatever it was I was holding inside came out..

I just stopped and bawled my eyes out. Thank god it was raining. I was soaked from head to toe when I got home. But it felt damn good.

Its sunny out now…

Nothing like running to release tension and stress.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

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