Saturday Ramblings


The weather in Providence has finally cleared up!!! However it has been a really weird week – raining and sunny at the same time. The only saving grace was this lovely DOUBLE rainbow I saw, and photographed while driving. As you can see there is nobody in front of and sound. My best friend was with me when we discovered the rainbow and she can attest to the level of excitement I exuded! When we got to our destination I got out of the car and you could see the WHOLE of both double rainbows!!! Never before have I seen something so amazing! I am definitely a dork, I know. However, as I get older I appreciate the little things more and more.


How would you like to wake up this face every day? 🙂 I love it, however usually he is sitting like a gentlemen, not disturbing me, but right next to my head. Not this morning!!! He decided at 6:00am that he was going to make himself comfortable on top of my legs, and looking at me like “geeze how late are you gonna sleep?”. Clearly he has no concept of time! 😉 Oh, by the way, his name is Jackson…Jackson Liam. He has a last name that is not the same as mine..but we are going to have to get better acquainted before I can divulge that information. 

I realized this morning, at 6:00am while making an absurdly early breakfast – thanks to my little muffin..that I cannot live without hot sauce and I seem to put it on EVERYTHING! This morning is was my eggs. Heaven in my mouth! 



I will leave you with this amazing picture/quote! I have it printed out and I look at it daily for inspiration! It gets me so motivated and feeling I can conquer the world!


Are you addicted to any condiments? If so, what is your favorite food to put it on?

– mine is definitely hot sauce. I put it on everything but I think its my favorite on tortilla chips!

Do you have an animal/critter you wake up to every morning?

–  Jackson Liam __________. To be filled in later 🙂

What is your favorite quote that gets you out of bed in the morning?


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