Food is FUEL!!


Over the last week or so I have been talking to a few of my friends about struggles with food. It is amazing that 70% of maintaining a healthy weight and/or losing weight has to do with the food we put into our bodies! The most common habits are emotional and stress eating. SO I asked them, “well after you eat that snickers bar because your stressed, upset, sad, whatever the reason, how do you feel?” They all said it did not relieve the reason they reached for the snickers bar in the first place and it made them feel sluggish. So then I asked, “Do you think the snickers bar fueled your body for a decent amount of time after?” They all said no. So basically a lot of us ( I am also guilty of this behavior) are consuming wasted calories, sometimes on a daily basis, that are purely motivated by our emotions.

Some time ago I actually lost a significant amount of weight by taking the emotion out of my eating habits. Of course there are some meals that you want to simply enjoy because eating is not JUST a habitual activity. However, it is much easier to enjoy those meals when you want to if on a daily basis you practice emotionless eating. My mother, at the time, told me to stop and think about the food I was putting into my body before I ate it. “What kind of affect is this piece of broccoli, or this tortilla chip going to have on me? In an hour? In 3 hours?” I realized that most things I was eating that I asked myself this question about were going right to my hips and butt. I literally stopped and asked myself this question before putting ANYTHING in my mouth. As I started making better decisions with food, specifically snacks, I started craving the junk a lot less. After a while I didn’t even have to ask anymore. I WANTED the broccoli instead of the tortilla chip. It fueled me for a lot longer than the tortilla chip would have. As I started feeling better about myself in general and started gaining more energy on a daily basis, I found fewer reasons to turn to food for emotional support.

We all have slip ups, don’t get me wrong. However, if we teach ourselves a healthier way to view food and are fueled by our food more often than not, we will all be just a little bit healthier!!

Have a wonderful Thursday 🙂 It’s almost the weekend!!


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